Helping our folks shop for marijuana

Thankfully, the dentists caught our stepmom’s cancer while in a routine exam.

It was at the early stages but still was such an aggressive form of cancer that there was no time for delay. I went with my folks so I could take notes when every one of us met the oncologist for the first time. I’m quite blissful that I did, because he gave me undoubtedly explicit instructions to get cannabis products for our mom post haste. Medical marijuana was made legal in this state so the dentist was super adamant that using unusual hybrid strains could be undoubtedly beneficial to our folks while in treatment. To our utter surprise, our stepmom was fully onboard with the cannabis treatments. This was the same lady that would rifle through our chest of drawers looking for a bin of recreational marijuana. Stepmom was consistently so uneasy that I was on dope as he would say. Of course, once I went to college, I did start smoking weed even though I was smart enough not to hide it in our sock drawer. And this was the same guy who was now eager to get to the cannabis dispensary. Just walking into the local cannabis spot was a trip. I’d still not been shopping for marijuana legally so I was intrigued. But our stepmom was the star of the show as he engaged everyone with some rather insightful questions. All of us left there with some cannabis edibles. And those tasty edibles were so crucial in helping our mom through the cancer treatments. She’s in remission now but she still wants to go shopping for cannabis products. I can hardly believe it but it’s the truth.

Marijuana edibles