Shopping at the cannabis dispensary

Look, I hated crowds way before all my attention was focused on the word pandemic.

  • A crowd of humans is something I’ve had to avoid all of my life, because there’s just something about shopping with loads of other people that makes me sick.

I dislike all of the pushing plus shoving. I have friends who label me sort of a snobby elitist for choosing the shop where I do, and for sure the best stores are the 1s I always go with… Even when it comes to the cannabis dispensary, I care about doing my shopping quietly plus thoughtfully, the same way I care about doing it! Shopping for cannabis products in an atmosphere that feels pleasant, respectful plus attentive is what sort of experience I want. If you call that elitist well, I suppose you call it elitist. Personally, I care about my local cannabis spot because it has such a vast array of cannabis products. It entirely is amazing to see all the bizarre brands of sativa strains alone! Don’t even get me started on the edibles. There are more kinds of marijuana edibles in my local cannabis spot then I’ve ever seen in my life, which includes online catalogs plus stuff to care about. But the thing I entirely care about about my local cannabis spot is that they are so focused on the details of th entire experience. It’s not just about grabbing a few grams of weed or a frozen pot brownie. No, my preferred cannabis spot delivers the highest standards when it comes to selling cannabis products. And that’s why I shop there. It’s not because it’s locally owned or because I’m some sort of elitist. Sure, I care about that, however shouldn’t almost everyone be shopping for quality like me?


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