My insurance is going to go crazy after this accident

Most people never get into an automobile accident throughout their life.

Some people only experience 1 automobile accident.

When you spend more time in your automobile throughout the day, you easily increase your possibilities of being in the percentage of people that end up in an automobile accident, however delivery drivers rank the highest amongst people that have more than multiple accidents on their permanent record. I also have been in multiple accidents just this year. The first accident occurred back in March. I was working for a pizza shop downtown. I was consistently resting in traffic. It was only a matter of time before I ended up hitting the back of an automobile or having someone hit me. I looked down at my cell phone for 1 ninth plus I ran into the back of a lexus. My insurance went up after that plus I had to pay for the deductible for the other car. I switched jobs so I wouldn’t have to drive in the neighborhood anymore. I started working for a marijuana delivery service. The marijuana delivery repair covers the entire valley. On the day I leave the delivery repair with a box that is filled with orders. I don’t return to the delivery repair until I am finished delivering every order in the box. I was having a busy day on Monday with 20 orders in the day. I finally left the delivery repair shop about 30 ninths after I arrived. I was getting ready to turn left on the interstate. I didn’t see the light turn yellow plus the automobile in front of me stopped suddenly. I slammed into the back of it. My insurance supplier is also going to raise my rates again after multiple accidents in 1 year.


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