Artists and weed

To be a great artist you need to find somewhere to live that nourishes your soul.

  • I have always been into painting and drawing, and I never knew who stifling it was to live in a big city.

I was born and raised in a big city, so that was all I knew. Smog, skyscrapers, and a constant din of white noise in the air, it was actually terrible but I had nothing to compare it to. When I was 18 I took a school trip across the country to a science convention and it changed my whole life. I felt like it really spoke to me, and enhanced my desire to draw and to paint. Right away I knew I needed to leave the confining city streets for the wide-open skies of my area. It took a few months, but finally I was able to land a position teaching middle school science in a public school. It was a decent job, and allowed me to pay the bills while I focused on my art during the weekends. This is the same time that discovered cannabis is totally legal here, and there are too many dispensaries for me to count. I had never smoked much cannabis previously, and I found that combined with the gorgeous panoramic vistas of my area, weed was inspiring to me. I am aware that I may never make it as a professional artist, but because I have cannabis and the city to inspire me I am a very happy man.

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