Doing a live podcast show about weed

Just five years ago I was recording my podcast in a closet, pouring everything I had into recounting true crime horror stories for my handful of followers.

In a very short time I have come a long way, and now I travel all over the country doing my show in front of live audiences.

Follow your dreams, people, you never know when they might pay off! I play in small venues, usually a reading room or a space that can hold a hundred or so people. I’m not making a ton of money yet, but I’m stoked about my career path. One of my favorite places to perform is a town that seems to really love my style of entertainment. Beyond the confines of my show, I have to admit that the scenery around the city is another reason I love coming here. The stars seem brighter out here. Also there is the matter of the exquisite locally grown cannabis found in the area. I get around, and smoke marijuana everywhere I go, but without a doubt my area has the best weed around. Is there something special in the soil around here? Because these cannabis buds are magical, and take my mind to the best places. My last trip to the south was the best one yet, with three sold out shows on three straight nights! At this rate I may just have to move my gear and get a house in the city, because this town really appreciates me. Does anyone in the area have a room to rent?


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