Edibles are available in a few different strengths

Marijuana can be made into smokeable flower, concentrates, inhalants, tinctures, and edibles.

Edible marijuana candies and drops come in a few different strengths. Edible marijuana candies and drops come in 5, 10, and 20 mg strengths. I have even seen a couple candies that have 50 mg. The recommended dosage is still 10, but the single dose candy has 50 mg of thc. When I visited a recreational marijuana state, I went to a dispensary that had a lot of different edibles. I found chocolate that was infused with marijuana and even popcorn that had marijuana. The dispensary had several different types of gummies and hard candies. There were a lot of options and I picked out a couple of different gummies and candies to try while I was on vacation. One of my favorite items was a sour blueberry gummy that had 20 mg of thc. The flavor of the gummy was the best of all the items that I tried. I thought it would be cool to bring some items back in my suitcase. I decided to go with edibles, because I thought they would be less traceable. I brought some friends a couple of the 50 mg candies. We had a party and I gave out the candies. I warned the guys not to take too much. Of course, no one listened to my advice. Both of my friends ate the entire 50 mg dose of thc. After about an hour, the guys were ready to fall asleep and that was the end of the party. I was sitting up half the night while they were passed out on the couch.

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