The bottom of the glass jar wasn't smooth like I expected

I purchase a lot of different marijuana concentrates from the dispensary.

Marijuana concentrates are made from the cannabis sativa plant.

Concentrates are made by using intense heat or pressure to form an oily or waxy substance. Cannabis concentrates include crumble, batter, hash, and live resin. Most of the Cannabis concentrates that I purchase come in a glass container. Usually the bottom of the container is smooth, but the last time I bought a glass jar, the bottom was not smooth like I expected. It was weird, so I took a picture of the container and I put it on my Instagram page. I got a lot of responses from people that had containers that looked similar. I had responses from the dispensary, because I tagged them in the post. The dispensary wanted me to bring the container to them so they could send it back to the manufacturer. My post was seen almost 10,000 times and it was the most viewed post that I had all month. It made me think that I should start posting more about marijuana online. The following week I decided to make a post about the different types of concentrates that are available from the marijuana dispensary near me. As soon as I posted the link, I got a bunch of responses from people that wanted me to send them cannabis concentrates. I had to send out an additional post telling everyone that concentrates and cannabis products are only available at a dispensary near you. I couldn’t believe how many people openly posted offers to send me money.



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