First time I dealt with someone unhappy

I had a guy come into my store the other day, and although it started off really rough.

He was haughty, demanding and the first negative customer I have ever encountered.

He was such a shock since everyone is happy coming into the store. Here is an example. When he came into the store the first thing he said was that he wanted to speak to someone in charge. I explained that I was the store director, and he wasn’t happy. He then wanted to speak to the store owner who wasn’t ever at the shop. I should mention that this is a cannabis dispensary, so we don’t get a lot of angry people storming in here. Your typical cannabis purchaser falls into 1 of two categories, at least in my store it does. 1st you’ve got the legit medical cannabis users, who are using marijuana to confront the side effects of chemo, alzheimer’s, PTSD or pain. The other type of purchaser has a prescription for medical marijuana, but apparently is just in it for the legal pot and not really sick like the other people. In any event, all the people who come into the cannabis dispensary are nice, and truly polite, so this man was truly a first for me. The guy was demanding to know how I could sell marijuana to to anybody off the street plus I explained that you need an actual prescription. Turns out he was confused on what exactly CBD oil was and the THC content in it.

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