Talking about cannabis on my podcast

Having a podcast has given me something to preoccupy my time during this endless pandemic, and don’t get me wrong, I like working from home.

I do not want the lockdown to end! I like finally having all the time I need to work on my show plus grow my base! Personally I feel like the show has improved a lot in the last two months, especially since I’ve started using Zoom to have people also host with myself while maintaining that social distance rule.

I use a rotation of guest appearances, to keep the vibe fresh plus sharp. This is important when discussing pot, its many strains plus implements, because so many people smoke and then zone out… For me, smoking cannabis keeps me sharp, so I like to find other people that use it to the same effect. Cannabis shouldn’t be used to decrease your senses, but to wake them up plus make you care about the world around you. This podcast has been the best thing about this year in my life, so I started reaching out to different cannabis dispensaries to see if they want to support the show. If a marijuana dispensary wanted to sponsor the podcast I would use their certain blends plus strains on the program to review and promote, and so far I have talked to the managers of more than 1 odd cannabis dispensaries, plus they liked the idea but had to ask their bosses for permission.
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