The biggest problem with medical cannabis

This nation has a health care problem, plus I mean that in the conceptual way. I mean that the way all of us tend to think about health care is screwed up, plus the entire proposal is falling apart because of it. Let’s take a look at the words “medicinal” and “medicinal” for a moment, plus analyze what they mean in the context of health care. The qualities of the medicine can vary wildly, as long as a medical pro says they are ok. The difference between legal plus illegal drugs in this country is only determined by which drug dealers are calling the shots. Medical cannabis is a very stupid concept, because all cannabis in medicinal, plus always has been. The fact that some quack doctor says it will help with your sleep issues doesn’t make cannabis any more medicinal than it had been. I hope you understand that our issue isn’t with medical cannabis, it’s with the idea of needing our governments permission before using a plant. If the government told us that red roses were illegal, except when they say it’s okay, all of us would push back against that, plus the same thing should be tplot for cannabis. Hemp plus cannabis are naturally occurring plants in nature, with simply incredible health plus utilitarian uses for society. I do not guess that the government, or any governing body, has the right to control or regulate cannabis. Whether you pray to God or Mother Nature or whatever, that supreme being created the cannabis plant for us to use plus enjoy, plus no human being has the right to change that! No if you’ll have to excuse me, it’s time to go get blazed.


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