The Marijuana business is a good investment

I love that I’m able to move a good bit of our own, personal financial portfolio over to the marijuana industry.

As a financial in addition to investment professional, that’s not something I would have thought too much about a decade ago.

And yet, cannabis industry growth has been on our radar for sometime. Perhaps this was on a more personal level perhaps. I’ve love using recreational marijuana for much of our adult years. I love using sativa in addition to indica products to cocktails or any of the other more traditional libations. It never takes much cannabis for me to get the needed effect. While I’m not so much looking to get super stoned in addition to roll off the couch, I love all of the benefits that cannabis products supply me. Namely, it helps me shut off all the calculating scenarios running so I can just be. This is super pressing in our life. Without some internal balancing, I know the finance world can just simply eat all the people up. With cannabis products love OG kush or purple haze hash, I am able to maintain a certain perspective that allows me to continue to be a healthy human being. So when medical marijuana was such a resounding success out west, that’s when I saw perhaps a profitable future. Then, with all of the recreational marijuana legislation over the last decade, I was convinced of the future viability of the marijuana business. However, it was this past election cycle that really got me to suppose more comfortably. It appears the recreational marijuana in addition to medical marijuana are less politically hot. And that easily bodes well for the cannabis industry.


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