Using Cannabis to help me get myself to remission

My goal from day one was Just get to remission.

And I’m really thankful that I had help making that our mindset when I was first tested and found to have cancer.

The enormity of the whole thing was just too much. An acquaintance named Max who had battled cancer helped me focus on now in addition to just healing to get to remission. Max also turned me on to just how pressing cannabis could be in my situation. The doctors had recommended considering medical marijuana when all of us first started talking treatment. But I was still far too blown away that I had cancer to even hear him. That wasn’t the case with our dear friend Max. Max made sure that having access to the cannabis dispensary was an immediate priority. Since I really had not used any recreational marijuana since school, our acquaintance was also great with how I should use cannabis products. I had smoked weed in school however that was sort of a turnoff. I liked the feeling I received from recreational marijuana however I sure didn’t love the smoke. So Max took me by the hand when I first went to the local cannabis spot. Max helped me select a cannabis oil pen as well as some yummy cannabis edibles. The cannabis oil pen is pretty remarkable. It’s essentially a vape pen which has a cannabis oil cartridge in it. It’s not love smoking at all as it is just the cannabis oil vaporized. I’m going to get to remission in addition to I’m getting there with the help of Max in addition to the cannabis dispensary.

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