Learning about powerful marijuana concentrates

I’ve been shopping at the local cannabis store for 2 years now.

  • I’ve tried a variety of consumption methods, trying to decide what works the best for me.

I started out with edibles, drinks and tinctures, because they are the easiest. After getting comfortable with smokable flower, I was ready to try using concentrates. I will disclose that I was a little intimidated by the varieties and potency of concentrates. I was not too sure where or how I should begin. I still had no clue how to dab. I did some research and l acquired that concentrates are made by distilling down the most extravagant compounds of the plant. The process separates out all of the trichomes, which cover the surface of the bud and are where the cannabinoids and terpenes live. The pulpy plant material is discarded, creating products that have exceptionally high THC levels. While strains of flower might offer around 25% THC, concentrates can include upwards of 80% THC levels. They are especially flavorful, exotic and available in a wide array of strains and textures. Each type of concentrate is quite peculiar . There is hash, rosin, budder, crumble, shatter, wax, live sauce, and diamonds are available to purchase at the dispensary. I asked the budtenders at the medical cannabis dispensary a lot of questions. I am blessed that our local dispensary includes a vape lounge where I was able to safely experiment and experience the best of cannabis concentrate. It’s the perfect environment to get comfortable with the higher potency, rich terpenes and the intense psychoactive effects. Concentrates are super beneficial for curative properties. I deal with dire migraines and have found that cannabis can do the job to alleviate the pain.

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