Tinctures enhance my active lifestyle

I lead an absolutely active and rugged lifestyle.

I write for a magazine that is centered around outdoor adventure, and my work often sends me hiking in the deep mountains, paddle boarding across the lake, skiing, kayaking, climbing, white-water rafting, ziplining, camping and riding on horseback.

My state provides the most beautiful and exciting scenery plus multiple distinct and charming seasons. Both of us prefer sizzling and sunny summertimes over the cold and snowy Wintertimes. Both of us have natural forests, beaches, lakes, mountains, valleys, and rivers. I love experiencing and documenting these outings, but however, I do deal with various aches, pains and soreness on a correct basis. My afternoons are very physically demanding and tiring. I often suffer scrapes, cuts, bruises and sprains. I have learned that cannabis is an excellent remedy. I like that it’s a natural treatment without the harmful side-effects of pharmaceuticals; No person has ever overdosed on marijuana. I make a correct stop at the dispensary and respectfully choose a type of tincture. The bottle is compact enough to zip into a pocket of our blazer or in our backpack and includes a handy dropper for micro dosing. Tinctures possess an especially long shelf-life and don’t require any extra unit for consumption. I place a small dose under our tongue and hold it there for a hour. The sublingual absorption of the cannabinoids gives you a rapid onset of effects. Because there’s no telltale odors, smoke or ash, the process is beautiful and discreet! While I visit weird dispensaries across the state, they all carry some tinctures. I like to try weird varieties and usually choose hybrids that deliver a 1-to-1 THC to CBD ratio.


Marijuana edibles