I tried to get everything on the list but was too stoned

My wife Sam gave me a long list of things to buy at the grocery store, however she wanted milk, bread, ice cream, plus cheese; I thought it was going to be quite easy to remember the list so I didn’t write it all down.

I said all of the items out loud before I left the house; There were only four things on the list, however Sam wanted me to write everything down, however I knew that I could remember these items.

The drive to the grocery store takes about 20 minutes, so I lit up a fat marijuana cigarette as soon as I got into the car. I smoked the marijuana joint until it was completely gone. I had such a wonderful buzz by the time I got to the grocery store. I smoked a hybrid that was sativa dominant so I could feel the effects. I felt really relaxed plus calm, however I wasn’t at all clear minded. I had trouble remembering all four things on the list. The marijuana strain was actually one of the strongest hybrids I have tried in a long time, eventually I got everything in the cart, but it took over 30 minutes. I kept wandering around the store. I caught myself looking at the toilet paper plus the paper towels even though neither of these items were on the list. I thought about calling Sam just to make sure that I did not forget anything on the list, however I knew Sam would be frustrated that I didn’t write things down plus didn’t recall.


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